Sunday, 4 December 2011

going back to my 'roots?' i don't know anyway, what i mean to say is im just looking back at college and the work i used to do and artists and designers that would inspire me. I'm a big fan of mixed media art , anything hand made or something that looks really old. i love it , when im older i can imagine my house would just be covered in hand made things, little trinkets and paper tags dotted about the place, along with the tea pots and numerous cats i plan on having. but anyway i was looking through a few blogs on here and come across a blog named songbird who's ideas and work has pretty much made me melt inside its all so lovely. i like that home made look i feel it has a lot more sentimental value. check out le blog ,she has so many hand made crafty items , i want them all. these are some of the tags she has created, some of them based on alice in wonderland. so lush.


so for narrative and genre i chose to create a 'forest/woods' scene consisting mainly of trees.obviously. i started to find some images of trees because the drawings i was creating just looked like messy lines not trees, although i could see it no one else could. i wanted them blue too, i want them to look cold and mystical almost like its been snowing throughout the forest. i want the trees to contrast with red riding hoods outfit as she will be wearing red, i don't know i just like the idea of mystical things, having an essence of magic to it all instead of being a everyday forest. so yeah here are a few of my drawings for my forest idea.

essay blah blah blah

trying to get through writing my essay and it seems like i will find anything and everything to distract me.! sat for the past half an hour drawing pictures and thinking over how to word what 'postmodernism' is. ahhhhhh. just want this to be done.