Monday, 30 April 2012

Spent the last few weeks at the shop for works ex, met new interns and got to know others. Worked on fixing costumes and changing the window display. Can't believe we only have 5 weeks left on second year uni. WOWWWWW! so scared/excited about next year. final year. 
Had a lot of problems throughout this year with our course though that i would really like to sort out before we start next year, completely knocked my confidence and my creative side which isn't good when he course is named 'creative arts' so hopefully we will get something sorted becuase there are a lot of un happy bunnies in our class this year.

Monday, 9 April 2012

im back,

hey heyyy, so i went home for a week or two. and i have been back i just haven't updated in a while. i'm still bad i forget all the time to keep updating. But yeah im back and back at work experience, and getting on with my synopsis. done a lot a lot of research about body image. reviews, magazine articles, website articles on celebrity image. it's awful how much criticism women especially get in the media. it's really interesting reading about it all though. i like to think i'm a slight feminist, but what 21st century woman isn't ? i'm all for EVERYONE being equal.
But yes going home again tomorrow to celebrate my birthday, so excited to be home and see everyone. Just finishing up some work and going to pack and watch a movie.

Saturday, 17 March 2012


After a well deserved and well needed break at home i am going back down south this afternoon. In all fairness i love being home but i love living with my girls and having my own room. Had time to chillax at home, see a few friends and spend time with the family. i also miss our man wall, yes man wall.
(as you can see nicola enjoys it.)

But it's time i get back to work. I have such a huge craving to draw again. It's been so long. I also really want to start making my own clothes, tried to get a denim style t shirt dress the other day and the chest would not fasten but from the waist down was way too big. (this constantly happens with me) so i thought maybe i will take on the task of making my own dress ? when i get a bit of extra cash obviously as im very poor at the moment but i think i may take that on. 

So i think this week will consists of shopping (for food, i have nothing in), brain storming ideas for my synopsis, drawing, sewing and going to the theatre on saturday.

 Can not wait for the theatre, going to see Sweeney todd i wouldn't be surprised if you see me singing my heart out to every song. I also get to spend the day in london with nikki and laura , really looking forward to it!
Anyway my train comes in two hours and im all ready and packed, my aunty showed me how to crochet last night and i've been practicing im taking it on the train with me so i will look like a little nana crocheting away. Im aimng to make a scarf, lets see if that happens ey. I'll try update as much as possible. i still keep forgetting i need to give myself reminders, stick it on my wall in capitals and bright red. 

Saturday, 3 March 2012


Onnnn wednesday me and laura went to the dockyards which are like really old. It was so sunny and lovely and i took a few pictures because we went on the boat. I also made my own rope! FUN!! and i got to keep it which i was overly excited about! I like my history so i really enjoyed myself the fact it was sunny and warm that day also made it nice.

 There was an actual proper police box, i wasn't sure if the doctor was actually here or it was a real life telephone box, who knows ??? 
 oh yeah they had some fancy walking sticks and i liked this one it was green with little flowers all over, wow whats happening ti my hair here i don't know i was just enjoying my walking stick.

Friday, 2 March 2012

march 1st

Spent the day sorting through the clothes that had been dry cleaned along with selling things on ebay.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Woman in Black

Went to see the woman in black today, very good. Visually beautiful, the lights and colours used make it look so beautiful. Daniel Radcliffe is rather good, strange watching him as someone other than harry. The costumes are beautiful and the set is AMAZING!!! would totally recommend it to EVERYONE.