Thursday, 16 February 2012

1950's CCC

Haven't been to work ex this week, going tomorrow though. Had so much to do for the 1950's clothes. Finally started the jackets on Monday got the cut out,pinned and stitched at the seams. worked form 11am to 5.30pm on them, wen in again Wednesday bit there was interviews all do so i felt like i got nothing done. Went in again today at 11.30am and got back at 5.30pm. Almost almost finished the jackets. Got lining and cuffs and other little bits to do tomorrow but i wont be there because of work ex. Really enjoyed working on CCC though i feel ive learnt a lot about patterns and research and pattern making and cutting and construction of costumes and garments. Considering this wasn't a taught project but we have had a lot of help of colin our tutor. I really have enjoyed what we have been doing. Although i don't like the idea of many different people working on one garment as when you come to do the next bit its been done or done in a different way to how you would do it, but we are working to a deadline (that was today but is being tomorrow instead) so i guess it was whoever was there at the time. But i get to learn about costume and everything so im happy.

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