Tuesday, 21 February 2012


When i was dressing the mannequin in different costumes i rummaged through and found a few i really really liked. some of the costumes were so beautifully constructed.

40's/50's style dress. So detailed, covered in small beads and sequins. Absolutely gorgeous but so tiny around the chest and waist. The corset underneath the dress is so beautifully constructed just an all over beautiful dress.

 Showgirls outfit : I think this is possibly my favourite I've come across so far. Covered in sequins all over. You can tell there has been a lot of hard work but into the costume. Again it is so small size ten if your lucky. the corset inside is so pretty, and the fabric at the bottom look as if they have been singly made and sewn on. The dark blue ones are made to look like dollar bills and in between netting and lace. By the looks of the costume i would say that the sequins and beads have been hand sewn on, showing how much work has gone into the costume (it is very heavy due to all of the sequins and beads.) There is also a lovely head dress to go with it.

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