Sunday, 6 November 2011


During our narrative an genre project we have to take everything into consideration. When designing the model box, set and props we also have to come up with costume designs. The hand in requires bible sheets for everything that is to be in the set along with costume and accessories. One of the first things i started to imagine when reading the story was how the costumes would look like (i just can't help myself). For the project we are working on this is probably a bar trait but i just can't help it. I automatically thought bigger the better, out there and over exaggerated. which lead me to using Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland  as a big inspiration for my work. Not only costume wise but set wise. The costumes are just truly amazing, i just love the way they are so out there, very very crazy and fun. The use of pattern and layers upon layers. Of course , it's something no one in their right mind would ever wear but isn't that what Alice in wonderland is all about anyway. A magical crazy world. This was my starting point for my designs. 
 I found this image of the Alice In Wonderland dresses at:

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