Sunday, 6 November 2011

Grimm Tales

So i thought I would start with what i am currently working on. We have just had a hand in for a project named 'Blood, sweat and tears' ( i will post about this later on with work etc.) We are now more focused on our project 'Narrative and genre' this is concentrating on taking a piece of text and putting it onto stage. So far we have learnt how to analyse text, a lot of other technical stuff that i honestly can not remember the name of. But pretty much learning how to take the text and covert it to stage. Anyway we were given this book .........

Collected Grimm Tales by Carol and Duffy and Tim Supple.
This is pretty much self explanitory. A book full of 'Grimm tales' Fairy tales adapted to make them slightly more sinister and twisted. The book has both a 'story' version of the tale and a 'scrpit' version of the tale. Therefore we could read both and get the jist of the story as well as how it would be as a play. We then had to choose which one we wanted to transform into a production.

The whole idea of this project is to take the script, come up with ideas on how we picture it on stage. Then go on to create a model box of how we would have the production on stage. Now I'm sure a few people aren't familiar with what a model box is. It's pretty much a small version of what the stage will look like for the production. This includes everything from backdrops, set pieces, props and lighting. Something along the lines of this ....
This is the model box for Rusalka 1983 which is a Fairytale. This model box is currently at the Victoria and Albert museum in London in the theatre and performance section along with many others. 

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