Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Been pretty busy lately even though i think i've only been into uni once or twice in the past week for lessons. But we have our hand in for our post modern essay next Friday so i'm trying to get my head around postmodernism, hyper reality and Jean Baudrillards simulacra. Starting to understand now but i've had to draw diagrams and mind maps to help me link every section together. 
   I decided that i would go with something i understood to make it easier for myself. The whole postmodern part of the essay is hard enough without it being something i barley understand to begin with. Anyway one of the movies we watched to go with the lectures was ' The Truman show' which i think almost every human being on this planet must have watched at one point. I'm trying to relate the idea thatTtrumans world has been created and isn't 'the real world' that we ourselves live in. It's all there in my brain but trying to get it out into words is the hard part. I understand what i mean by 'the real' and 'the real' but trying to explain that on paper is the hard part. Getting there slowly though.
     wish me luck.

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